Birthdate candle: Shop the limited edition Survive Mercury Retrograde candle

Birthdate candles have always made our top list for their wonderful scents and beautiful designs (each designed specifically for a specific birthday as well as all of its astrological connotations) – making them very popular for gifting or treating yourself. But it’s safe to say we’re here for the latest launch, which isn’t tied to a specific day, but rather our least favorite planetary motion.

The company’s newest limited-edition candle is the Survive Mercury Retrograde Candle, now available in an all-new Lavender Vetiver scent specifically designed to calm you during the planet’s upcoming reversal, and you’ll hear about it here first. While the candle will be available on Friday for most astrology buffs, exclusively Underscored readers can shop the candle starting now.

  • Survive Mercury Retrograde Candle ($42, original $48;

The Mercury retrograde dip runs for this period from January 14th through February 3rd, so the candle is one for the long burn for the next two weeks (45 hours or more to be exact). It would be hard to resist the light, because it smells really good: think soothing notes of bergamot, geranium, cedar, and orange flower with a heart of amber to relax and enjoy the cool vibes. Plus, it’s made with a soy and coconut wax blend that we love for a clean, non-toxic burn.

Birthdate’s previous (and first!) limited edition candle—an earthy Hinoki Cypress scent—was released last fall in time for Mercury’s final return of 2021. This time, as well as the base fragrance the brand’s main perfumers have created to evoke peace during this hectic period. set, the candle features a read-out of what the first Mercury Return in 2022 means on the label. And once you burn through it, you get an ethereal surprise: an amazonite crystal meant to calm anxiety and bring clarity.

Just make sure to shop soon for positive feedback in a timely manner to come back. Once this candle is sold, it will not come back.


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