Bimbo affidato a marine a Kabul consegnato al nonno – Mondo

(ANSA) – ROME, Jan 9 – Newborn and missing for months after a US Marine at Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul, his parents reunited with his family during his chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan last summer. .

The BBC reported that the little boy was brought back yesterday to his grandfather, who traveled from the remote province of Badakhshan to Kabul: “We celebrate and sing, it looks like a wedding,” he said, with the rest of the family, now in the United States. , who witnessed via video chat.

In recent months, the little boy with 29-year-old taxi driver Hamid Safi, who he allegedly found at Kabul airport, has been deserted. He took the young man with him, and took him home to his wife and children. Then he posted a picture of the newborn, Mohamed Abed, on his personal Facebook page.

Mr and Mrs. Ahmadis were at Kabul airport on August 19 to try to leave Afghanistan after the Taliban came to power. Overwhelmed by the crowd at the gates of Abe’s Gate, with thousands of other people waiting to enter the airport, they entrusted their newborn to an American soldier, fearing he would be crushed by the crowd, thinking they would. They quickly reach the entrance to take them with them. But they haven’t heard anything about the baby since that moment.

The couple were then evacuated with their other children aged 17, 9, 6 and 3, arriving at Fort Bliss, Texas, after a long journey with stops first in Qatar and then in Germany. (Dealing).

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