Best videos 2021: What you were watching on

Every now and then, we like to take a break from breaking the news and relax with a video that makes us laugh, smile, or shake our heads in disbelief.

Obviously you do too.

This year’s list of’s most viewed videos contains no disturbing headlines, no death and devastation, not even much mention of the pandemic that still rules so much of our lives.

Here are five of our videos of you, apparently, hitting the play button over and over in 2021.

Manitoba woman comes face to face with mama bear

For Diane Fillion, August 28 began just like any other Saturday.

Then a bear dropped her in her front yard.

Consonant of Lac de Bonnet, Mann. I was surprised to find a mother bear and her three cubs cutting their playing time with her dog. Video from a security camera showed a bear running toward Fillion, causing her to fall to the ground.

Fillion, who was unharmed, told CTV News Winnipeg that the bear then climbed into a tree with its three cubs. Conservation officials decided that the best course of action was to allow the animals to roam on their own.

Drywallers caught throwing parties at the construction site

With the third wave of COVID-19 in Ontario nearing its peak, with the number of daily cases as high as ever, a large group of workers decided to gather together for a retirement party.

That choice would have been questionable enough, but what happened at the party raised eyebrows even more and resulted in many attendees losing their jobs.

The party was held on April 9 at a home under construction in Milton, Ont. A video circulating online showed several construction workers dancing without any of the masks or distances that were required at the time.

A drywall company that does in-house subcontracting work said it has finished hiring every employee it can identify from the video. Finally, at least six people lost their jobs because of the gig.

ALTA. The women’s laundry show got millions of views on TIKTOK

Very few people enjoy doing laundry. For most of us, it’s boring, time-consuming, and unfortunately necessary.

So it’s perhaps no surprise that Carol Larson of Colehurst, Alta. Found a way to speed up the process, checked by millions of people.

The mom-of-three posted a video on TikTok sharing her retail-style T-shirt hanging technique — and within a few days, her quick style of putting the T-shirt on the fold garnered over six million views.

The video’s overnight success led to thousands of reaction videos, celebrity praises, and more than a few asking her why her husband wouldn’t hang up his shirts himself.

Couples in holiday surprises carry in the hot tub at home

The second bear encounter on our list was less violent than the first—and this time, it was the bear who was surprised.

Mason Tribune was camping in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, on March 20 when he noticed a black bear outside his cabin at sunrise.

Tribune videotaped on his phone, snapping footage of the bear making its way into the hot tub and, in his words, “exploding.”

The video also shows Tribune opening a sliding door to try to get a better angle for the bear, but closing it after the bear sprays water in his direction.

Meet the famous TIKTOK kid in Montreal

A few weeks before Larson’s laundry hack hit TikTok, a pint-sized snowboarder was among the most popular Canadians on the platform.

Guillaume Barabe posted a video of his 18-month-old daughter tearing up a homemade backyard ramp to the catwalk in February, then watched it in astonishment with over 14 million views.

Barabi told CTV News Montreal that his daughter had only started snowboarding the previous Christmas, but had already honed her downhill skills into a daily routine that sometimes stretched as long as 45 minutes.


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