Bce: crescita Ue in forte ripresa nel corso del 2022 – Economia

(ANSA) – Rome, Jan. 13 – The recovery of the eurozone economy after the current slowdown “during this year should return to a strong recovery”. The driving force will be “strong domestic demand” thanks to the improvement in the labor market which should support household income and consumption and thus demand. The European Central Bank writes this in the Economic Bulletin, while accounting for the risks posed by the pandemic trend, bottlenecks in international trade and commodity prices, with inflation that “will remain more than 2% for most of 2022 but should” contract over the course of the year. during the year. “The European Central Bank will conduct government bond purchases through the Pandemic Emergency Program at a slower pace between now and March, when Pepp is terminated. The maturity date will be extended “at least until the end of 2024” and “in the event of further outbreaks.” Market segmentation linked to the pandemic, Pepp’s reinvestments can be flexibly adjusted over time, across asset classes and countries at any time.” In its economic bulletin, the European Central Bank confirmed that in the weeks of the end of 2021, spreads on the German Bund remained relatively stable in Portugal and Spain, But in Italy it increased numbers by about 15 basis points in the period under review.” (Dealing).

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