Bayern: miocardite post covid, si ferma Alphonso Davies – Calcio

Bavarian coach Julian Nagelsmann revealed that Alfonso Davies, the 21-year-old Canadian Bayern Munich defender, suffers from “mild inflammation of the heart muscle” (inflammation of the heart muscle) most likely as a result of infection with the Covid virus, and he will have to rest for several weeks.
Nagelsmann answered the question about the severity of this inflammation, the problem should not be more than a nuisance. Doctors do not have scientific certainty about the origin of the disease, “but the possibility that it was caused by Covid is high,” the coach admitted. “He will be out indefinitely. It’s not that dramatic but he has to recover and it will take some time.”
Six other players affected by Covid will return to the squad tomorrow for the first leg in Cologne, but, only captain Manuel Neuer and Corentin Tolisso said, are ready to play from the first minute. The others, Leroy Sane, Dayo Obecano, Omar Richards and Tangoye Nyanzo “are in the process of recovering, but not enough to go on the pitch from the start”.

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