(ANSA) – ROME, JANUARY 20 – “With Sergio Libri, an eminent director, a master of professionalism and ethics for generations of journalists, an attentive witness and participant in the long and decisive phases of Italian history, disappears.” This is what the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, said in a statement. (Dealing). Reproduction is reserved … Read more

US seeks to speed up delivery of new F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan | Military News

The Block 70 is the latest configuration of the F-16 with new avionics, a modern cockpit and an improved engine. The United States is looking at ways to speed up the delivery of Taiwan’s next generation of new F-16 fighter jets, US officials said, bolstering the Taiwan Air Force’s ability to respond to what Washington … Read more

Man confesses to 2 unsolved murders in Virginia and Maryland

Charles Helm, 52, admitted last year to the 1987 murders of Egg Super Adler in Fairfax County, Virginia, and the 2002 murder of Jennifer Landry in Mount Rainier, Maryland, according to a press release from the Prince George’s County Police Department. Dream is currently serving a life sentence in Virginia’s Red Union State Penitentiary for … Read more

Kenney calls on Liberals to pause trucker COVID-19 vaccine mandate

The premier of Canada’s Alberta province on Thursday called on the federal government to stop authorizing a COVID-19 vaccine for cross-border truck drivers that companies say will disrupt the supply chain and lead to fuel bloat. Six senior executives said this week that Ottawa’s mandate to help curb the spread of the coronavirus has cost … Read more

Kenneth Branagh’s sentimental journey is an absolute joy: BRIAN VINER reviews Belfast 

Belfast (12 a, 98 min) Verdict: A small masterpiece evaluation: Nightmare Alley (15, 150 minutes) Verdict: Tall, but very elegant evaluation: Sir Kenneth Branna never kept the secret of his early life, having grown up in Northern Ireland when the Troubles broke out, then leaving at the age of nine when his working-class Protestant parents … Read more

Australian research vessel discovers grand canyon larger than Mt Kosciusko in southern ocean

that Australian The research vessel has made an amazing discovery in the Southern Ocean, 22,000 meters below the surface. On its first polar expedition, RSV Nuyina mapped a never-before-seen underwater valley – taller than Mount Kosciuszko – which stretches 55 kilometers from Vanderford Glacier in the east. Antarctica. Although scientists survey the area regularly, this … Read more

Chiude YouTube Originals,divisione contenuti video originali – Tlc

(ANSA) – Rome, Jan. 20 – Google’s cemetery continues to expand: YouTube Originals, born in 2016 to counter the advance of video streaming services like Netflix, has been shut down thanks to platform-funded original production development targeting YouTube Premium subscribers. The announcement of the Originals closing came initially from a Variety report, then the official … Read more

As costs mount, how long can China stick with ‘zero COVID’? | Coronavirus pandemic News

Hong Kong, China – On January 23, 2020, China gave birth to “Zero COVID”. Faced with the threat of a mysterious virus, authorities in Wuhan imposed the world’s first lockdown on its 11 million residents, marking the beginning of the zero-tolerance policy that would define China’s epidemic response. Two years later, the rapid spread of … Read more

Theodore Roosevelt statue removed from NYC museum after sparking controversy

written by Sarah Smart, CNN contributors Liam Riley, CNN A statue of US President Theodore Roosevelt who has sat in front of a New York museum for nearly 80 years was removed this week after criticism over his “racist” image. The statue, which was once in the American Museum of Natural History, shows the twenty-sixth … Read more