Australian temperatures top 50 degrees, matching hottest day ever recorded, climate change a likely factor

Australia rivals its highest temperature ever recorded, with parts of Western part of Australia Scorching over 50°C on Thursday.

Weatherzone says it’s the first time this century that an Australian community has weathered this temperature, with heat waves being felt across northwest Australia.

Australia today matches its warmest day ever on record, with sea temperatures rising more than average temperatures and global warming a possible factor, (weather zone)

Temperatures in the town of Onslow reached 50.7°C, matching the hottest day ever in Australia, which was originally founded in Udnadatta, in South Australia in 1960.

Other regions of Western Australia felt temperatures of 50.5 degrees Celsius, equivalent to the second hottest day ever in the country.

A 50.5°C reading was felt in Mardi and Roburn, also in the northwest of the state, the hottest day on record in 60 years.

The Pilbarra region of Western Australia is known as the hottest region in the country. (GT)

The temperatures in Pilbara, dubbed the hottest region in Australia, are due to higher-than-normal sea surface temperatures off the north coast of Washington state, said Weatherzone chief meteorologist Brett Duchke.

He added that global warming was also a potential factor.

Mr Dutschke said: “Pilbara is known to be Australia’s hottest. Marble Bar itself is Australia’s hottest city. January has an average maximum of 40.7°C, and it has been 160 days with a maximum of 37.7°C or higher.” .

“The area is also much brighter than usual due to the monsoons and cyclones that have focused cloud and rain on northeastern Australia.”

Temperatures are expected to drop tomorrow, especially on the coast.

Duchki added that hot days may be ahead in the lower parts of the state.

“Looking into the future, extreme temperatures will gradually see their way south, reaching the Perth region next week,” he said.

“Washington DC is a chance to experience a near-record heat wave, likely Tuesday through Friday at least.”

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