Aussie aerial skier Laura Peel produces historic jump to win World Cup gold

Australian world antenna champion Laura Bell made an emphatic statement at the last World Cup ahead of next month’s Winter Olympics, crushing her rivals in the Deer Valley competition to win her seventh title.

During pre-World Cup training sessions prior to the Beijing Olympics, Bell became the third woman to ever land a triple rear twisty quad.

Australian Olympic gold medalist Lydia Lassila was first, followed by former world champion American Ashley Caldwell.

Bale intends to improve this jump for the Olympics, but the 29-year-old was still a runaway winner with a plump back at the American resort.

Bell scored 118.05 in the final, ahead of China’s Kong Fanyu, who scored 84.58, and Hana Hoskova of Belarus (82.65).

Fellow Australian Danielle Scott was the only other player in the final six-skaters to attempt the same jump as Bell, but was let down by her landing, with an overall score of 80.27.

Bale’s score would have put her on the podium in the men’s equivalent event. With this win, the Australian finished third in the World Cup standings, while Scott finished fourth.


The victory was especially remarkable for Canberran Bale after she missed her first World Cup final in four years at the previous event in Quebec.

“It’s obviously a great day today; I feel like I’ve been working for a long time to stop a jump like that,” the 32-year-old said.

“Doing this right before the Olympics is amazing.

“I’ve been putting work into the trio for a few seasons now, and I’m always so grateful for the experience I have when the going gets tough.

“So many people have helped me get to this point in my career and continue to help me chase my dreams every single day, but when I started working with my coach Mish Roth three years ago things started to turn out. We made an amazing team.”

Despite ranking 26th, China’s Xu Mengtao still leads the World Cup overall standings in terms of discipline with 385 points.

Kong moved up to 361 after taking second while Bell finished third with a score of 294.

Wang Xinde won the men’s aerobics championships, completing China’s sweep of the World Cup podium.

Parasailing athletes will now head to Le Relais in Canada for a training camp ahead of the Olympic competition, which will take place from February 10-16.



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