Arkansas governor says large businesses in state should not comply with Biden administration’s ‘oppressive vaccine mandate’

“They should wait until the Supreme Court decision, which is of course an individual business decision,” Hutchinson, a Republican, told CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday when asked if large companies should comply with the rule. Which his state and others are appealing before the highest court in the country.

“The (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) mandate, the federal government, needs to be repealed, and that’s why we’re fighting it,” he added. “My expectation is that the Supreme Court will hopefully rule against the Biden administration on this suppressive vaccine mandate.”

The Supreme Court heard arguments in the case on Friday, as the conservative-majority court appeared willing to reject a vaccine mandate, marking one of President Joe Biden’s most aggressive attempts yet to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Issued last year by OSHA, the rule requires employers with 100 or more employees to ensure their employees are fully vaccinated or undergo regular testing and wear a face covering at work. There are exceptions for those with religious objections. The rule is set to partially take effect on Monday.

Hutchinson said Sunday that some companies in the state “will make the decision that they should have a vaccine requirement in the workplace, and I support their ability to make that decision.

“There shouldn’t be a ban on that, but others are making the decision that it’s not necessary. They might work in a more open environment, or they risk losing too many employees. And then they have that freedom,” the governor said.


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