Are we running out of time to save the Amazon rainforest? | Environment

From: sincere

With increasing deforestation, scientists are sounding the alarm about a looming environmental catastrophe.

The most biologically diverse areas of the planet are under threat, and their destruction will have dire consequences for the entire planet, according to scientists and environmental experts.

The pace of deforestation has accelerated in recent years, and at one point the Amazon was losing the equivalent of three soccer fields every minute, according to a report based on satellite imagery. Critics have blamed Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s policies for increasing the threat to the rainforest, and in recent months have launched a campaign to hold him criminally responsible for the destruction of the Amazon.

“The truth is that our president sees no value in the forest, the people of the forest or in nature itself,” says Brazilian agronomist Luis Fernando Guedes Pinto.

This week in sincere, Marc Lamont-Hill talks with Leila Salazar Lopez, CEO of Amazon Watch, and Luis Fernando Guedes Pinto, professor at the Institute for Environmental Research (IPÊ) and senior fellow at Ashoka.


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