Amazzonia, 12 ore con il papà sulle spalle per vaccinarlo – Cronaca

Six hours of walking in the Brazilian jungle with the father on his shoulders, and another six hours to return to his village: This is the feat attributed to Tawi Zwe, a young indigenous man, for allowing his father to be vaccinated with the first dose against Covid, as recounted by Dr. Eric Jennings. Who posted on his Instagram profile a photo of a father and son traveling around the world. “It’s the most significant shot of 2021,” wrote Jennings, who posted a photo of Tawi Zoe and her dad Wahoo on January 2. According to BBC World, the area in which the two live is the state of Pará, in northern Brazil, in a forested area considered highly protected for its ecological value. Jennings explained to the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” that he was involved in vaccinating the population of the region. “The year 2022 has arrived and no cases of Covid-19 have been recorded among the residents of Zoe,” the doctor added on Instagram.

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