Adesivi e chat private, Snapchat lancia nuove funzioni – Hi-tech

Despite the competition from TikTok, Snapchat continues to release updates and improvements to its subscribers. In 2021, the social network blew out ten candles and introduced several new features for the occasion, including filters to recognize Disney characters and gifting, a new function to allow users to support creators, through “story responses.” In the past few hours, the company has released more updates, with the aim of improving connectivity for those who use Android and iOS apps. With Reply in Chat, you can prevent group chats from “blowing up” with messages. Snapchat introduced the chat reply functionality to reply to individual messages received in groups, making the conversation flow better in context, without overlapping. Then comes “Bitmoji reactions,” allowing browsers to express themselves more effectively through ephemeral messages.

The update provides a quick way to respond to any message, with seven emotional responses to choose from. Finally, ‘Poll Stickers’, to enrich your polls with special graphics to add to Stories as well.

The social network explained: “It is important for Snapchat to provide its users with a fun and responsible way to communicate and to ensure that comments are always nice and polite. As such, survey responses will not be anonymous.”

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