A Sanremo torna l’amore, poco Covid e latita il rock – Tv

“I wish it was a current festival.” This is the hope that Amadeus makes for the 72nd edition that kicks off on February 1st and marks its third consecutive artistic direction. Cannes is hoped to be a festival of rebirth, ushering in a return to normalcy and instead “it would suffice if it was somewhere between the first year and the last year”. Currently, in the sense of songs with a radio future (Ama’s goal has always been), we’ll see. Certainly not topical. In the traditional listening of songs in the competition, reserved for the press fifteen days before the start of the event, it was clear that the artists preferred – as in the last year – to closure in a more personal atmosphere. Very few references to the pandemic we’ve been living with for two years. Only Dargin D’Amico who mentions the masks (and sings “Without Living with the Fleece on the Sofa”) and the A-list actor (“In the Silence of the Public Crisis”) openly confront everyone’s fears. Rather, feelings, silence and fear of confronting oneself are masters. An intimate and intimate sphere perhaps depicts the bubble in which we have locked ourselves in for months. However, the desire to have fun will not be lacking: at least five out of 25 songs, and five, wink at the wildest dance.

“There is clearly a desire to dance – comments Amadeus -. A severe shortage of young people. It is a pity that they cannot dance.” Few excesses in texts, a few bad words as usual, but nothing to make the right minds tremble wrists. “Fuck!” Achilles yelled to Lauro, “bitch” sung by Noemi: Bon Ton Festival after all. Who sings about love, between her and him, but also between people without gender definitions such as Michel Braffy or Mahmoud and Blanco. T.

Pop, melody, urban, soul and rock are absent this year, after Maneskin’s win and subsequent worldwide success, with Le Vibrazioni the only actors to raise the flag high. And with the audience, the march towards the event officially began. Even if many boxes still need to be packed. The only confirmed guests so far are Checco Zalone and Cesare Cremonini. The pandemic situation is affecting large foreign arrivals, making it difficult for overseas arrivals (while currently Ariston remains at full capacity). And so the emphasis is on local glories: the names of Marco Mingoni, Laura Bussini, Ultimo are mentioned. Fiorello on Saturday evening. But Amadeus isn’t lopsided: “Fiore? But maybe. Maneskin? I don’t know, let’s hope. I’m just talking about who’s 100% out there.”

And to be there, on the evening of covers and duets, as I emphasized on New Year’s Eve, there is Loredana Bertè. The five hosts who will support the artistic director on stage have already been announced: Ornella Muti, Lorena Cesarini, Drusilla Foer, Maria Chiara Giannetta and Sabrina Ferilli. “A choice dictated by the desire to honor the world of theater, fiction and cinema that has experienced difficult moments in recent months.” The festival, Amadeus asserts, will also remember the recently deceased Raffaella Cara and Franco Batiato, and Lucio Dalla, who will celebrate his 10th anniversary this year. And he’s bound to remember Mileva, too. Night Marathon Festival again this year? “Not having the young players in the opening, we expect to get into the big name race. It’s not my scientific desire to arrive at 2 am. I would like to be able to close early, maybe we can finish 20 minutes early”

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